What? Pelosi Claims Footage Of Her Salon Visit Was A Setup | The News & Why It Matters

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After seeing the attention President Trump got from visiting Kenosha, Joe Biden decided to schedule a visit on Thursday, after saying he would not be going to “prevent upsetting the peaceful nature of the protests.” After rioters lit fireworks and set fire inside the Portland mayor’s apartment building, he has decided to move, further proving that the Left will eat its own. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gets caught getting a haircut at a closed salon with no mask on, but she claims it was all a setup, and she actually wants the salon owner to APOLOGIZE to her. Because 2020 can’t get any crazier, the California legislature passes a bill to help ease the punishment for LGBT adults who have sex with underage teens! Lastly, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson released leaked audio of CNN’s Chris Cuomo ranting to Michael Cohen about sexual allegations against the TV host. Shouldn’t we believe all women, Chris?!