WATCH: Angry Joe Biden Swears at Voter, “You’re Full of Sh*t!”

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden is once again the Democratic frontrunner in the race to become the presidential nominee, and during stop Detroit Michigan, he proved himself to be the angriest candidate yet.

During a conversation with a construction worker, who was building a new auto plant, Biden lashed out and swore at a man who challenged him over the Second Amendment. And it’s on video.

When a voter calmly told Biden that he was actively trying to diminish the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, he quickly snapped back, “You’re full of shit!”

Then, as another construction worker expressed their shock at his language and behavior, Biden turned and told them to “shush.” Twice.

During their stunned silence, Biden explained how he supports the Second Amendment right, saying that yelling fire in a crowded place is not free speech. Biden then started listing off the guns he and his son have at home, before telling the voters he will not “take your AR-14s away.”


Without realizing that he’d even made a mistake, Biden continued his tirade, prodding and poking his finger in the voter’s face.

One worker decided enough was enough, saying “This is not okay,” and standing in between Biden and the person he was aggressively poking. That angered the presidential candidate, prompting him to say, “Don’t tell me anything, pal. I’m going to go outside with you.”

Yes. That’s right. Joe Biden told one voter he is “full of shit,” another voter to “shush,” and then threatened to beat up a third voter. And somehow, he is gaining the endorsement of former Democratic presidential candidates.

Bernie Sanders might be a radical communist, but he’s nowhere near as aggressive as this guy.

For a man so righteously angry about his alleged belief in the Second Amendment, the facts don’t seem to back up his claims. Andrew Surabian, a Republican strategist, noted that Biden previously bragged about putting Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun policy if he takes the White House.

Everyone knows exactly what Beto O’Rourke would do if he was put in charge of gun policy in the United States.