Washington Post To Quit Reporting On Sundays

(Presidentialwire.com)- The Sunday Magazine will no longer be published by The Washington Post, and several editorial positions related to the publication will be eliminated.

The decision is a part of the Post’s “global and digital evolution,” executive editor Sally Buzbee said in an email to workers on Wednesday.

Several of the ten magazine employees informed of their job losses said that Buzbee had stated the decision was due to “economic headwinds” rather than the caliber of their work.

The magazine, which has been published in its current format since 1986, generated five of the 40 stories that attracted the most online readers for the previous year, according to The Post.

The Post magazine will close its doors and lay off employees when news companies are more concerned than ever about job cuts due to declining ad revenue and worries about the economy’s future as a whole.

Many layoffs were announced by CNN earlier on Wednesday, and NPR allegedly told staff members of a recruiting freeze it was putting in place as a cost-cutting measure.

The Washington Post magazine, according to the paper, was introduced in 1986 as a modernized version of earlier Sunday magazines. The magazine’s final edition, after 36 years of publication, will be released on December 25, 2022.

Ten thousand nine hundred people follow The Washington Post Magazine on Twitter, 91,433 people follow them on Facebook, and 21,200 people follow them on Instagram. It has garnered many honors over the years, including a National Magazine Award in 2020 for a special issue on incarceration and multiple accolades from the Society for News Design in April of this year.

The Washington Post Guild, a union, claiming to represent 1,000 of the newspaper’s staff, expressed its “outrage” at letting go of bright, devoted writers who had worked for the publication for years.

Is it the union’s position that a company should keep on employees when they are bleeding revenue?