Washington Post Prepares For Big Layoffs

According to the leadership of The Washington Post, they have only managed to obtain half of the necessary employment cuts before the year ends. The newsroom layoffs will affect 240 employees, and the business has already accepted 120 voluntary buyouts.

Unvoluntarily laid-off workers will be considered if the Post’s 240-job goal is not met by mid-next month. Following previous layoff packages at The Post, these cuts would provide much less generous benefits than the voluntary plan.

In light of the severe economic downturn that has hit the media industry, some companies, including The Post, have declared intentions to reduce employment and undertake other cost-cutting measures. The Post let off around twenty newsroom employees in the spring, joining CNN and NPR in laying off hundreds of people last year.

On Thursday, hundreds of workers at The Washington Post will go on strike for 24 hours to protest the newspaper’s personnel layoffs announced not long ago and pressure management to negotiate a new union contract. Members of the Washington Post Guild, who represent around 1,000 workers at The Post, have expressed their displeasure with management for the last 18 months as they have been unable to reach an agreement with executives on a new contract.

At a time when the publication is projected to lose almost $100 million this year, The Washington Post finds itself amid a labor battle. The Post’s leadership has taken action to reduce expenses in this regard, saying that in October, it plans to lay off 10% of its employees via voluntary buyouts.

Employees at The Post have resisted layoffs by mentioning that Jeff Bezos, a global super-rich man, owns the publication. Bezos has clarified that he wants The Post to have a healthy financial foundation.

The Guild has asked that people refrain from viewing or sharing any editorial material in The Post during the 24-hour work stoppage. Even while employees are on strike, management is doing all it can to keep The Post’s readers up-to-date.