Warning Issued Over Halloween “Gendered” Costumes

(PresidentialWire.com)- The Anti-Defamation League has published a Halloween costume resource guide titled “Halloween: When the Goblins, Ghosts and Stereotypes Come Out” that it has offered as an instruction manual for educators to use to police children’s Halloween costumes.

This happens in one way or another every year, doesn’t it?

Leftwing groups expend time and energy to bully and scold parents and teachers alike over choosing Halloween costumes viewed as “cultural appropriation” – like dressing as a Mexican or an Indian or dressing as Disney’s Moana when you aren’t a Pacific Islander.

But the ADL went the extra mile to not only caution against “cultural stereotypes” or appropriation but also to clutch its pearls over children who may fall outside the gender binary.

ADL warns educators about allowing children to dress in a costume that caters to a specific sex.

Heaven forbid Mommy send little Caitlyn to school dressed as a Disney princess!

See, the thing that has the ADL’s knickers in a twist is many Halloween costumes “perpetuate gender stereotypes,” and therefore exclude the child who doesn’t “conform to traditional gender norms.” So the ADL wants educators to keep in mind that they might have students who feel “marginalized” by the Halloween costumes sold in stores.

While the ADL does acknowledge that most children, being human beings, are attracted to these “traditional gendered costumes,” it encourages educators who are confronted with those kinds of kids to not reinforce the notion that these “traditional gendered costumes” are “the only appropriate options available.”

What on earth does that mean? If Caitlyn shows up in school dressed as Elsa from “Frozen,” her teacher can’t compliment her choice of costume? Is she supposed to launch into a lecture about gender stereotypes?

Well, apparently, yes, that’s exactly what the ADL wants the teacher to do.

The ADL suggests that educators should “engage in conversations” with the class about “gender stereotypes and discuss messages that companies send through marketing and advertising.”

Well, that’s one way to completely destroy the class Halloween party.

The ADL won’t be the only organization that decides to suck the fun out of a holiday that is geared toward little kids. There will be plenty of other hand-wringing, humorless “think pieces” before October 31.

Leftists can’t help themselves. They identify as killjoys.