Walmart Is Closing Stores Across The Nation

( Once upon a time, when a new Walmart was proposed for an area, lefties would begin kicking and screaming. Funny how now they’re whining that Walmart is going. 

There have been 160 closures in the previous two years, which are not uncommon. The success of a chain with 5,000 locations throughout the country depends on its ability to adapt quickly to customer demand.  

A pattern is emerging. Three failing businesses in the Chicago suburbs are closing nearly simultaneously. The corporation wouldn’t comment, but it’s another sign of Chicago’s stagnation over the last decade. The population and tax base have steadily declined.  

The lack of energy in enforcing laws against criminals is not popular with businesses. 

Estimates from the Census Bureau suggest that Illinois has lost 300,000 person net over the previous nine years, about the entire population of Orlando, Florida, a likely destination for evacuees. 

Economic refugees are fleeing almost every Democratic state due to the blue state model’s policies, leaving budgetary disaster in their wake. Once thriving, states, cities, and towns are decreasing as citizens go and tax revenues decline. 

Poorly governed cities, like Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and others, benefitted for decades, knowing corporations and people were being pushed into their downtowns. But many companies decided it wasn’t worth maintaining expensive downtown locations, especially as more and more employees began working from home or in a hybrid remote/onsite arrangement. Companies are reducing their downtown office space and allowing contracts to lapse. Manhattan’s commercial real estate market has seen annual price declines of over 7%, although over 50% of the city’s office space remains unoccupied. 

Blue state municipalities, where Democrats have sway over all governmental branches, place unreasonable restrictions on individual liberties and commercial activities while allowing criminals free reign and park spaces to be used as drug trafficking encampments. Public schools are just as bad now as they’ve always been.  

Is it surprising that middle-class people become fed up and go to places like Texas, Idaho, and Florida?