Violence on Political Candidates Continues in Mexico, Nine More Dead

According to the prosecutor’s office in Chiapas, a province known for its organized crime problems, two separate incidents in the southern Mexican state resulted in the deaths of nine individuals. The killings were aimed at the individuals vying for the position of mayor in the upcoming June elections.

The two politicians were able to avoid the attacks that took place in the towns of Mapastepec and Villa Corzo over the weekend despite sustaining injuries.

In Mapastepec, a gunman attacked the vehicle of Nicolás Noriega, a mayoral candidate. Noriega, who sustained injuries in the incident, confirmed the incident and mentioned that gunfire resulted in the deaths of at least five members of his campaign.

Images of a truck covered in blood and bodies both inside and outside the vehicle, along with bullet holes in its red exterior, were published by local media outlets.

The attacks intensified the level of violence in Chiapas, a region where politicians are campaigning for the upcoming June 2 election, which will also determine Mexico’s new president.

Last week, six individuals tragically lost their lives in a devastating attack that took place during a campaign event in the municipality of La Concordia, located near Villa Corzo. One of the individuals present was Lucero Lopez, who was running for mayor.

Last month, a mayoral candidate was tragically shot and lost her life shortly after beginning her campaign. This unfortunate incident adds to the distressing number of over twenty-six politicians who have been assassinated since September of last year.

The number of casualties exceeds 50 when taking into account family members and other victims of the assaults.

Roberto Orozco, the mayor of Villa Corzo and a candidate for reelection on the Morena party ticket with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was allegedly attacked while traveling in a motorcade.

Another person tragically passed away at the hospital due to their injuries.

Orozco sustained gunshot wounds to both of his legs.

In April, while visiting the Guatemalan border, Claudia Sheinbaum, the presidential candidate for Morena, was intercepted by unidentified individuals wearing masks in the same area.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been confronted about the troubling increase in violence.

Obrador has consistently downplayed the seriousness of the violence crisis and has made a deliberate effort to avoid directly addressing the drug gangs.