Video Shows Migrants Heading To US Border On Train Cars

Video footage last Sunday showed a train out of Zacatecas, Mexico packed with migrants and heading to the southern border, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, a surge of illegal migrants hit the Del Rio Sector in Texas as thousands of illegals overwhelmed the small border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, the Washington Examiner reported.

Thousands of illegals have crossed the Rio Grande from Piedras Negras in Mexico over the last several days, according to federal law enforcement officials.

Video posted on social media shows streams of migrants crossing the river into Eagle Pass late Tuesday night. Meanwhile, about 2,000 illegals are being held under an international bridge in the small city due to a lack of transportation and facilities.

One Border Patrol agent in Eagle Pass told the Washington Examiner that the sheer number of migrants is “collapsing operations.”

By Wednesday afternoon, Customs and Border Protection announced that it was temporarily suspending operations at two of the bridges in the area due to the surge and redirecting personnel to assist the Border Patrol with taking the thousands of migrants into custody.

Customs and Border Patrol said in a statement that in response to the massive influx of migrants, it would continue surging “all available resources to expeditiously and safety process migrants.”

On Sunday and Monday, about 1,500 people crossed the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass. By Wednesday, 2,000 migrants were in custody while many more remained under an international bridge.

One Border Patrol agent told the Washington Examiner that the entire Del Rio Sector is “out of control.” The agent said on Wednesday that more than 2,000 migrants are “on the ground” in the Del Rio Sector.

On Tuesday, Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. declared an emergency due to the release of illegal aliens on the street across from the city. The emergency declaration will remain in place until Monday.