Video Shows Beach Brawl Between Furry And Bystander

According to a report, a man was found recording members of the Furries organization at a California beach, which led to a confrontation at the gathering.

Some onlookers had speculated that the guy filming the fight between two individuals dressed as black wolves on Saturday in Huntington Beach is a bitter ex-lover of one of the parties involved.

The video shows an incident that occurred at a Sunset Beach Bonfire meeting when hundreds of Furries were present.

The man was taking video footage of the gathering, and one of the participants told him to stop when he shoved his phone in his face.

Another person tackled the furry guy to the ground after the man in the costume hit him on the skull with a megaphone. As they struggled on the beach, a second Furry leapt in to aid his comrade.

Using a megaphone, the person dressed as an unkempt black wolf can be heard telling the guy filming to leave. He then says to let go before slamming the megaphone into the victim’s shoulder.

Claims of infighting among Furries have been made online, although it is unclear what sparked the conflict. A staff member reportedly ordered the man filming to leave before things got out of hand after he was told he was not welcome at the event.

There’s a website that describes what Furries are and gives tips for parents.

According to the site, furry fanatics risk becoming immersed in the hobby to the exclusion of everything else. Some furries could be sexually predatory or act inappropriately, making them unsafe to be around during events.

Although furry fan interactions often begin on mainstream social media platforms, they could be persuaded to have a face-to-face chat. This may make it more challenging to keep children safe from harm.

Or a parent can just be the sane adult and tell the kids to stay far away from them.