Victoria’s Secret To Bring Back Fashion Shows After MeToo Movement Drama

( After a four-year hiatus during which the brand saw a string of shocking flops, Victoria’s Secret has decided to bring back its annual fashion show. 

Reports show that during an earnings call for 2022, the CFO of Victoria’s Secret, Tim Johnson, announced the revival of the fashion show. 

It’s no secret that the runway show has been a hotbed for “woke” debate in recent years because it relied on lingerie-clad models with ostentatious accoutrements like angel wings and jewels on the catwalk. 

Fox News received a statement from Victoria’s Secret confirming the show’s comeback. 

The statement explained that the company is continually re-inventing to place its consumers at the heart of everything they do and underline its dedication to celebrating women’s voices and their distinct insights.  

After various radical “woke” adjustments, including canceling the “Angels” fashion presentations and hiring transgender Valentina Sampaio as a brand ambassador, the fashion show returned in 2021.  

Former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Bridget Malcolm called the rebranding a “joke.” 

The adjustments flopped. 

In May of last year, Victoria’s Secret said that by 2020, it would close over 250 outlets in the United States and Canada. 

According to its parent firm, L Brands, revenues dropped 37% from the same period a year earlier. The company’s gross profit dropped by 59%.  According to Breitbart News, earnings per share decreased, amounting to a deficit of 99 cents for each share. 

According to an investigative report, Victoria’s Secret was once worth $7.5 billion, and the lingerie company employed the world’s top models. No stranger to controversy, the former CEO of L Brands, Les Wexner, was connected to human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. 

The report revealed that Epstein feigned to be looking for models for Victoria’s Secret. In 1993, two high-ranking officials saw Epstein’s odd conduct and told Wexner about it.   Wexner was blamed for not taking any action when people complained about Epstein’s behavior. 

As of late 2007, Wexner was no longer working with Epstein.  Over a year after Epstein was accused of multiple charges of molestation and illicit contact with a child in Florida, Wexner finally distanced himself.