USPS Board Chair Not Expected to be Re-nominated

( On Friday, the White House announced that President Biden would not be re-nominating two members of the Postal Service Board of Governors, including the chairman, and instead will be submitting two new nominations to take their place.

In its statement, the White House said that the President has nominated Daniel Tangherlini, the former administrator for the General Services Administration, and Derek Kan, an e-commerce fulfillment start-up executive.

If their nominations are confirmed by the Senate, Tangherlini and Kan would replace board chairman Ron Bloom and member John Barger.

Bloom, who was appointed to the Postal Service Board of Governors in 2019 by former President Trump, was elected as chairman earlier this year. He previously served as assistant to the president on manufacturing policy during the Obama administration.

The Postal Service Board of Governors is comprised of nine members – four Republicans, four Democrats, and one Independent. No more than five governors can be from the same political party.

According to the Washington Post, Ron Bloom is an ally of the current Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. The Post spoke with people familiar with the matter who said Bloom’s replacement may be a sign that DeJoy’s days are numbered.

Only the Postal Service Board of Governors has the authority to remove the Postmaster General, leading some to believe the replacement of both Bloom and Barger may be a sign that the Biden administration wants to ensure enough votes on the board to remove DeJoy.

Louis DeJoy came under fire since he assumed office in June 2020 as Democrats and the media conducted a targeted campaign claiming that DeJoy was trying to undermine pandemic-driven mail-in balloting.

After Biden’s election, Congressional Democrats and some progressive groups have urged Biden to place more Democrats on the board to oust DeJoy. In February, the President nominated two Democrats and one independent – Anton Hajjar, Ron Stroman, and Amber McReynolds.

It is abundantly clear from whom he chose just what the White House is trying to do. Hajjar is the former general counsel of the American Postal Workers Unions. McReynolds is the chief executive of the National Vote at Home Institute.