US Military Considers Guarding Red Sea Ships

The latest assault on commercial vessels seems to be a further escalation of the confrontation between Iran-sponsored proxies and Hamas in Israel. This attack has prompted the United States and its allies to discuss forming a naval task force to safeguard ships navigating the Red Sea.

According to Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, such patrols or escorts might be a reasonable response to the targeting of ships in the vicinity, as stated on Monday. Using examples from Somalia and the Gulf, he drew parallels between this operation and others in which private boats were the targets of pirates or aggressive Iranian naval forces.

Sullivan informed reporters at the White House that the US and partner states are now discussing the formation of the maritime task force.

The announcement was delivered by Sullivan the day after an hours-long attack on several commercial ships, during which a U.S. Navy destroyer shot down three drones. The United States Central Command has said that a drone en route to the USS Carney was intercepted. The Pentagon has confirmed that the Carney reported no injuries or damage.

The drones were connected to the Houthi militia, an Iranian proxy force that has struck American and Israeli targets many times after the terrorist assault on Israel by Hamas on October 7. The Houthis have threatened to prohibit Israeli ships from traveling in the Red Sea unless Israel stops its war on Hamas in Gaza.

Sullivan claims that none of the three commercial ships targeted on Sunday were associated with Israel and that attacking them would have been inappropriate even if they were. Sullivan argues that the three boats were associated with fourteen different nations.

He went on to say that the Houthis’ backer was Iran, and they are “the ones with their finger on the trigger.”

Sullivan said that American authorities would talk with friends and then “take appropriate action” “at a time and location of our discretion.” The aggressive actions of Iranian proxies may have been prevented if the Biden administration had taken greater action, according to several Republicans.