Ukraine Soldiers Want Winter Camouflage For Christmas

( Fox News reports that American Ukrainian Anastasiya Koval crossed into Kharkiv in early December during a blizzard to deliver aid to the front lines.

She noted that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of lives in one city were destroyed, and every building within a 15-minute drive was bombed.

After Ukrainian forces ousted Russian troops in September and pushed them eastward, Koval could enter Donetsk safely.

Reports show Russia had increased its aerial campaigns while its forces stalled on the front lines, including earlier this month when it fired 76 missiles and drones at Ukraine’s second-largest city, destroying nine energy facilities and leaving more than half the city without power.

Despite Ukraine’s recent battlefield successes, trench warfare continues in Bakhmut, eastern Donetsk.

As winter sets in, soldiers face trench foot, frostbite, and gangrene.

Koval, 30 miles from Bakhmut, where fierce fighting is raging, explained that soldiers want winter camouflage. Snow has begun to blanket Ukraine’s battlefields, and soldiers need winter gear like coats, boots, thermal socks, sleeping bags, and protection from Russian drones.

The report reveals that drones are cheaper for Moscow to wage war against Ukraine than other missile systems, and the Kremlin has increased drone use in recent months.

Koval said front-line troops need more than air defenses to counter these weapons.

Drones can locate soldiers from the sky, she said.

Camo covers, which can fit in a backpack and act as windbreakers, are used to disguise soldiers and their equipment.

Fox News reports Koval has helped her father deliver aid to front-line troops in Ukraine.

Ihor Koval, born in Ukraine and a former Soviet soldier, has been delivering donated items to the front lines since the war began. Evil Cannot Enter Heaven is a Koval family nonprofit.  Koval said home, and foreign support has helped soldiers’ spirits.

Koval said that it is a group effort.

How is Ukraine in short supply after all the money and supplies the US and Europe have given them?