Ukraine President’s Wife Goes On Spending Spree After Begging For Money

( Recent days saw the wife of President Zelensky in Paris pleading for more funding and assistance to help Ukraine get through the winter. She also made a stop at a few stores to buy some items for herself.

Russia and Ukraine are currently engaged in a terrible war. Lives are being lost, and the county is being destroyed. This country was caught in the middle of the conflict between Germany and Russia during World War II and remained under Soviet rule until the “Iron Curtain” fell in the early 1990s.

Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, and the international community has sent Ukraine billions to thwart Russian efforts. The nation now claims that more cash and goods are required to survive the winter.

It was announced yesterday in Paris that Ukraine had received an additional $1.1 billion in urgent aid. This aid will help the nation fend off Russia’s assault on its energy grid.

French President Emmanuel Macron said about 70 nations and international organizations met in Paris to help Ukrainians “get through this winter.”

The wife of Ukrainian President Zelensky joined the recent collection efforts in Paris.

But, she reportedly took yesterday off to go on a quick shopping trip while in the city.

Olena Zelenska, the spouse of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, visited France for three days from December 12 to 14, according to The Conservative Treehouse.

Social media erupted today after a “reliable store clerk” employed on the posh Avenue Montaigne claimed Olena Zelenska went on a Christmas shopping binge and spent €40,000 in one hour.

If the reports are accurate, the spending binge coincides with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of troubled Ukraine, asking the European Union for more financial aid.

This creates an awkward optical situation.

The Biden administration is also attempting to persuade Congress to approve an additional $38 billion spending package for Ukraine, bringing the total amount spent to well over $100 billion.

This does not give a good impression to the rest of Europe, concerned about how they will survive the winter after Russia cut off their gas and oil supply.

However, a girl needs her clothes.