Ukraine Man Tells CNN What He Wants Putin To Know

( Speaker to Anderson Cooper on CNN on Wednesday, a Ukrainian man offered a harsh message for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The man, a worker from western Ukraine, told the Russian president to “go f*ck himself.”

Were you expecting anything different?

The comments came almost a week into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has seen Russian troops going well beyond the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, which are overwhelmingly pro-Russia. Putin positioned the invasion as a “special military operation” and a “peacekeeping mission” designed to “deNazify” Ukraine and protect the Russian-speaking people in the east of Ukraine.

Cooper was reporting from the western city of Lviv in Ukraine, speaking to people about their plans to block Russian forces from continuing their westward advance.

One man who works at a factory in the area told CNN that Ukrainians are using Molotov cocktails to fight back against Russian forces, and explained how they work. He said that additional substances are blended with gasoline and poured into bottles to ensure that the burning fuel sticks on the surfaces that it is thrown at.

Cooper moved on to speak to a construction worker, asking him if he had a message for Putin.

“What would I tell him? I would tell him he can go f*ck himself,” the man said.

Lviv has so far managed to resist Russian forces, but other major cities – including Kharkiv and Kiev – have been hit hard by invading troops, missiles, and bombs.

See the clip here.