UK Turns On Coal Power Generators As Green Power Fails 

( According to a report, Britain’s renewable energy sources could not meet demand, marking a huge setback in the nation’s ongoing effort to achieve net zero emissions. The UK thus turned to its backup coal-fired power facilities. 

Recent years have seen the nation focus on shifting from fossil fuels to green energy. In the past year, the country struggled to keep the electricity on at times, thanks to the progressive agenda of Conservative Party leadership. 

Even though it is becoming increasingly apparent that Britain’s new power can’t keep up with the old, the country has demolished most of its coal-power plants. Only a few are operational and ready to supply power. 

The BBC reported that plants were put into operation to restore power to the British public after renewable energy sources had failed.  

Five coal-fired power plants were placed on standby recently, and two of them were needed to maintain system stability. 

The initiative, which has cost regular Brits a significant amount of money and most of the country’s energy supplies over the last 12 months, has used the power plants, marking a new bottom for the Conservative Party’s green energy ambition.

Consequently, the British government has instituted fossil fuel and coal power stations on standby, reports reveal. 

There have been occasions when this hasn’t been enough. So Britain has instituted a system of optional electricity rationing. 

The idea for a rationing system originated in 2022, but it wasn’t until January of this year that it was put into practice, with certain energy consumers receiving financial incentives to reduce their power consumption between the hours of 5 and 6 p.m. 

A report shows The National Grid attributes the outages to the cold, a decrease in solar and wind energy output, and the shutdown of interconnectors in France due to a worker strike. 

Plans to incentivize all customers to reduce their power use have been put on hold.