UK Think Tank: China Should Be SUED for $6.5 Trillion Over Virus Outbreak

(PresidentialWire.Com)- A new report from British think tank The Henry Jackson Society argues that China should be sued under international law for some £3.2 trillion ($6.5 trillion) following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The report cites the more than 60,000 deaths globally and the trillions of dollars caused in damage to major economies.

The Henry Jackson Society, a London think tank that focuses on international issues and extremism, argued that the $6.5 trillion figure should be the bare minimum in damages. It is the total sum of money spent by G7 nations propping up their domestic economies while a majority of the countries’ workforces remain at home.

The report claims that the Chinese government failed to “adequately report information to the WHO” which “breached Articles Six and Seven of the International Health Regulations, a Treaty to which China is a signatory and legally obliged to uphold.”

Researchers claim that the Chinese government did not disclose data that would have proven that the virus could spread between humans, and gave the WHO “erroneous information about the number of infections between 2 January 2020 and 11 January 2020.”

It also says the communist Chinese government allowed some five million people to leave Wuhan before locking the city down, despite knowing the virus could transmit between humans.

Matthew Henderson, one of the authors of the report, claimed the Chinese Communist Party “has learnt no lessons from its failure in the SARS epidemic of 2002-3.”

“Their repeated blunders, lies and disinformation, from the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, have already had far more deadly consequences,” he added.

The British think tank made it very clear that the report does not blame the people of China for the outbreak of the disease, but instead the government for failing to inform the rest of the world about the outbreak and for not taking adequate action to protect the rest of the world.