U.S. War Threat With China Increases As Experts Issue Dire Warning

(PresidentialWire.com)- Admiral John Aquilino, President Joe Biden‘s pick to head the United States Indo-Pacific Command, and the current head of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that China is prioritizing the annexation of Taiwan and that there is a real threat of conflict with the communist nation.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Aquilino said that a Chinese attack on Taiwan is by far the most threatening issue in the Indo-Pacific region, and said that the United States must build up its military in the region to stop China from attacking.

The admiral also said that global peace and prosperity depends on an American presence in the region.

“The United States Navy is the most powerful, greatest navy on the planet, still,” he said.

However, he also warned that the United States could be replaced as the world’s military leader, with China “increasing their capability and capacity” and “closing that gap.”

China as a world leader…it’s terrifying.

“We’ve seen aggressive actions earlier than we anticipated, whether it be on the Indian border or whether it be in Hong Kong or whether it be against the Uyghurs,” he continued, outlining just three major issues that President Joe Biden should be immediately proactive on.

But…well, he isn’t.

Aquilino also stressed the importance of working with India, the largest democracy in the world – a relationship built up by former President Donald Trump.

Aquilino probably has a point. The world knows by now that China is a threat, but a clip from February this year published on the United States Navy YouTube page shows exactly why President Joe Biden likes him.

Aquilino spoke to sailors assigned to a Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier and expressed the Navy’s intolerance to “extremists and/or supremacist ideologies” – something Republicans typically agree with, but a narrative that is so often misused.

Does Admiral Aquilino really think there is a huge number of white supremacists in the military?

Maybe we should be focusing more on China…