U.S. Senator Smells A Rat In Supreme Court Leaker Report

(Presidentialwire.com)- Recently, the Supreme Court announced that it has as yet been unable to determine who leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion to Politico last May.

In a statement on January 19, the Court said that the investigation team was thus far unable to identify the person responsible for the leak “by a preponderance of the evidence.” According to the statement, the investigators were able to determine that the leak was not the result of a computer hack.

According to the report from Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley, the team conducted 126 formal interviews with 97 Supreme Court employees, all of whom denied responsibility for the leak. Investigators also conducted fingerprint analysis and checked for possible connections between SCOTUS employees and reporters, especially scrutinizing contacts between employees and “anyone associated with Politico.”

The report states that dozens of people had access to the draft. Additionally, a few employees admitted to telling their spouses about the draft opinion, which is a violation of the court’s confidentiality rules.

Employees were asked to sign affidavits under penalty of perjury affirming that they did not leak the draft opinion and had provided all “pertinent information” related to the investigation. They were also asked to swear to the truth of their statements before a Notary Public.

In the report, Curley concluded that the Court should implement better policies governing the handling of sensitive information “whether or not any individual is ever identified.

Last Monday, during an interview on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told host Lawrence O’Donnell that he believes Curley’s report is “very weird.”

Whitehouse said the report appears to suggest that one of the liberal justices’ offices may have been involved in the leak to protect Roe when it says the incident wasn’t merely a “misguided attempt at protest.”

Whitehouse said if the investigation couldn’t find the leaker, then it shouldn’t be trying to “flag the motive.” He said the report’s implied motive only applies if the “guilty party” is a staffer working for one of the liberal justices.

Whitehouse also suggested that the report failed to say whether investigators interviewed any of the “justices themselves” or their spouses, whom the Senator claimed were “prime suspects.”

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