U.S. Military Probe Turns Up Results

(PresidentialWire.com)- Now that President Joe Biden is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States military, there has suddenly been a rise in “extremism” and “racism” among the ranks – and the Pentagon is hell-bent on smearing soldiers who dare to espouse conservative views or support former President Donald Trump.

A new report by the Department of Defense Inspector General was published on Wednesday, revealing 22 allegations of what they called “racially motivated violent extremism” in the Army. There were 30 similar incidents in the Navy, all of which have allegedly occurred between January 1 and September 30 of this year.

The Marine Corps reportedly had seven incidents of this kind, and the Air force reported zero. There were 10 allegations of members attending the January 6 protests in Washington, D.C., and while it is claimed that they attended a “riot,” not much information was given on the topic. It remains unclear whether those people in the military attended the peaceful protest, or the small offshoot of that protest that turned into a riot.

The U.S. Air Force grouped together all allegations of people engaging in “extremism’ and reported 160 incidents in total.

There were also several instances of “anti-government” and “anti-authority” behavior within the military, with the Navy reporting 14, the Marine Corps reporting 25, and the Army reporting 35.

By “anti-government” do they mean anti-Joe Biden?

That would make more sense, given people join the army to defend the United States of America and the ideals on which it was founded.

This is the first time ever that the Defense Department has begun cataloging and recording these kinds of incidents, and it really makes you wonder whether they’re taking this seriously or just trying to cement the false narrative that the United States is a systemically racist country.

Either that, or they’re looking to scare Trump supporters in the military into complying with the Democrats’ extremist agenda.