U.S. Intel Goes Against Joe Biden’s Claims

(presidentialwire.com)- During a Democrat fundraiser at a private home in New York City last Thursday, President Biden warned that the world now faces the prospect of nuclear Armageddon for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

An odd thing to reveal during a private fundraiser, don’t you think?

If America stood on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, shouldn’t the President of the United States be saying that in a nationally-televised address to the nation and not during a fundraiser at a wealthy donor’s private home?

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s unexpected campaign Armageddon talk set off shock and surprise in the news media and among US allies, forcing the White House to once again walk back the president’s reckless remarks.

Aboard Air Force One the following day, reporters peppered press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Armageddon.

Jean-Pierre explained that the president’s remarks were not shaped by any new intelligence, which, when you get right down to it, could apply to pretty much everything that Joe Biden has said since he took office.

Jean-Pierre also said Putin’s threats of using nuclear weapons were “irresponsible.”

Yes, they are. Then again, so is President Biden choosing a campaign fundraiser to bring up the possibility of nuclear Armageddon.

Several US officials who spoke to CNN last Friday reiterated that there has been no new evidence to indicate Vladimir Putin is moving toward using nuclear weapons, nor is there any intelligence that he’s decided to do so.

According to CNN, several senior officials were caught by surprise by the President’s inappropriately-timed Armageddon comments.

The officials were especially stunned that the president would say such a thing when there wasn’t any intelligence to back it up.

Are they new on the job?

Where have they been for the last nearly two years?

How can these guys still get caught off guard when old Joe pops off?