U.S. Government Rumors Swirl Amid Mystery Involving Little Children

(PresidentialWire.com)- In a column at Real Clear Investigations on February 10, James Varney took an in-depth look at the Biden administration’s “ghost flights” sending thousands of illegal aliens into the US interior.

These late-night flights have been covered extensively in the New York Post which first broke the story in October.

The news of the illegal alien “ghost flights” prompted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to push back against the White House, even suggesting future flights into Florida would be rerouted to President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

In Varney’s column, he notes that the Department of Homeland Security finally provided Congress the data it requested on where these illegal aliens were being sent. In 2021, DHS sent 71,617 illegals to about 20 cities including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia.

DHS also reported that approximately 40,000 “unaccompanied minors” (illegals under 18) have been transported throughout the US. However, Varney notes, that is only a fraction of the 147,000 minors that crossed the southern border from January until October 2021.

Varney offers a series of questions he believes are paramount regarding these “ghost flights,” including what kind of vetting is done before these people are flown into the interior.

Thus far it has been impossible to get direct answers from the Biden administration regarding these illegal aliens being transported into the country. Varney quotes one DeSantis advisor who described these flights as “clandestine, covert, middle-of-the-night, special ops” missions.

Because there are so many federal agencies and non-profit groups involved, tracking these “ghost flights” is made even more complicated.

And thus far, Florida is the only state actively fighting back.

In December, Florida’s Department of Children and Families enacted an emergency rule that prohibits the licensing or licensing renewal to any non-profit or religious group that is involved in resettling these illegals in the state of Florida.

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are attempting to put a stop to the “ghost flights” as well. But with a Democrat governor, it is unlikely anything will happen.

Read Varney’s lengthy column HERE.