U.S. Government Reports El Salvador Reached Secret Agreement With Terrorists To Reduce Killings

(PresidentialWire.com)- Remember how the Democrats would play down President Donald Trump’s warnings about the dangers of criminal gangs coming from south of the border?

Well, now that President Joe Biden is in charge, he has to face the fact that gangs are operating in South America, that they pose a risk to lawful citizens of the United States as well as South American countries, and that the threat is getting worse.

This month it was revealed that the United States federal government believes that the El Salvador government has secretly given financial incentives to criminal gangs – including MS-13 – to reduce local gang violence.

Effectively, El Salvador is trying to bribe gangs into reducing violence in small towns to make it seem as though the problem has gone away.

On Wednesday, the United States Treasury Department issued a new set of sanctions against corruption networks that are aiding transnational criminal activity. Among those sanctions were two public security officials from the Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele’s administration.

OsirisLuna Meza, who leads the Salvadoran Penal System, was sanctioned along with Amilcar Marroquin Chica, who is the head of the Social Fabric Reconstruction Unit. The two officials are accused of representing the Salvador government in recent financial transactions with 18th Street and MS-13 – two of the most extreme, dangerous, and murderous gangs that operate in the country.

Luna is also accused of negotiating with the gangs to help impose a national quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, while at the same time operating a scheme that would steal and then re-sell COVID-19 supplies.

Federal authorities also said that both Meza and Luna were running an embezzlement ring in the El Salvadoran prison commissary system, whereby they would take a cut of profits from fake employees who were placed on the prison payroll system.

Are these the people that Vice President Kamala Harris thought she could negotiate with to stop the “root cause” of illegal immigration?