U.S. Foreign Aid May Be Going Straight To Terrorists, Watchdog Groups Warn

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last week, the Biden administration pledged to send another $308 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. And according to a nonprofit rescue group, that aid will likely fall into the hands of the Taliban.

However, Sean Kilbane, the programs manager for Save Our Allies, told Fox News that it is likely the aid won’t get into the hands of the people who need it. Kilbane believes allocating the funds to nonprofits and organizations in the US who are working in Afghanistan would be more effective.

A spokesman for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) told Fox News that all humanitarian funds are directed to local and international partners that are closely vetted.

Nonprofits aren’t the only ones who are concerned that US funding to Afghanistan will end up enriching the Taliban.

Last week, Republican lawmakers pressed the Biden administration to provide the safeguards in place to prevent humanitarian aid from falling into the hands of the Taliban.

Eleven Republicans, led by House Foreign Affairs Committee member Tim Burchett (R-TN) are concerned that US taxpayers will ultimately be funding the “Taliban’s terrorist regime.” In a letter sent to USAID, the lawmakers demanded that USAID provide Congress with the steps it has taken to prevent the Taliban from intercepting these funds.

According to Congressman Burchett, after the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, USAID and the Biden administration have to lay out what plan is in place to prevent yet another embarrassing debacle.

Thus far, the Biden administration has kept quiet about how it will prevent humanitarian funds from lining the Taliban’s pockets. Since the Taliban has financial control in Afghanistan, there is a significant risk that any US aid would be plundered by the terrorist group.

Since October 2020, the US has sent nearly $800 million in aid to Afghanistan, making the United States Afghanistan’s single largest donor.

In announcing the $308 million aid package, USAID revealed that it would be working with the Taliban to make sure the aid gets where it is needed.

How naïve are these people?