U.S. Diplomat Summoned By Kuwait Over “Pride” Tweet

(PresidentialWire.com)- Kuwaiti officials last week summoned a US diplomat to answer for the Embassy’s decision to tweet its support for Pride Month.

On June 2, the US Embassy in Kuwait tweeted an image of the “Pride Flag” along with a quote from President Biden expressing support for “the human rights of #LGBTQI persons.” The message was tweeted both in English and Arabic. Kuwait is one of 69 countries where homosexuality is banned.

On Thursday, the US Charges d’Affairs, James Holtsnider was summoned by Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry and handed a memo regarding the Pride tweets and told not to let it happen again.

The Foreign Ministry’s memo blasted the US Embassy for imposing “Western agendas” on the country and demanded the embassy “apologize for this ugly act.”

The Kuwaiti government accused the embassy of violating international conventions that require foreign diplomats to “respect the laws and regulations of the receiving state.”

Members of the Kuwaiti Parliament also objected. Parliamentarian Osama al Shaheen called the Embassy tweets “unacceptable” and said, foreign embassies must respect public order and the country’s official religion.

A State Department spokesperson defended the embassy’s tweets, telling the Washington Examiner that US State Department “proudly” works to advance the global efforts to protect the human rights of all people, including the LGBT community.

On the one hand, you have to hand it to the US State Department for having the courage to stand by its convictions in the face of strong opposition from a country that criminalizes homosexuality.

This is not the case with most big corporations that operate worldwide. Every year during Pride Month, social media users show how virtue-signaling companies like BMW, Mercedes, Cisco, and Siemens Energy change their online profile image to include the Gay Pride flag on all of their social media accounts except the ones for their Middle East accounts.