Two Men Killed in Alleged Murder-Suicide at Gym in Alexandria

A man was shot dead at a gym in Virginia by a gunman who subsequently took his own life. Charles Hewitt from Washington, DC, entered the One Life Fitness Center in Alexandria on the afternoon of June 29 and opened fire, killing 29-year-old Joshua Wilcox from Maryland. Police arrived to find both men in a life-threatening condition. 

A spokesperson for One Life Fitness confirmed that around 60 people were present at the time, but nobody else was hurt. Additionally, the spokesperson stated that neither man was employed by the company. Alexandria Police Department is investigating the incident and has appealed for public assistance to establish a motive. A staff member at One Life said her understanding was that the shooting was a “crime of passion.”

A gym manager spoke to local media and stated that both men must have been club members to gain access to the facility. The manager, who was on duty at the time of the shooting, explained that a corporate email was sent to all staff alerting them about the incident. Spokesperson Rebecca Churchill confirmed that the company would counsel staff who witnessed the shooting. “Safety and support of our members and Onelife team is our highest priority,” she said. 

Reports indicate that three ambulances were called to the scene, with one taking the victim to Fairfax Hospital and another transporting the shooter to Alexandria Hospital. A third treated a woman who suffered a panic attack after witnessing the attack. 

The facility at Hooff’s Run was closed for days but reopened on July 2. Police are investigating a black Lexus that was parked outside at the time, as they believe it may belong to the shooter. 

The incident was the second gym-based shooting in the space of a few months. In April, police arrived at the LA Fitness gym in Lanham, Maryland, to find a man had been shot during an argument over a basketball court. Nelson Ballard III was subsequently charged with murder.