Twitter Sets Terrifying New Record For Censorship At Demand Of Foreign Governments

( Twitter, a social media company familiar with censorship, just revealed how it has received a record number of requests from world governments to remove user accounts and content. The record-breaking requests were received between January and June of last year.

According to the social media giant, some 43,387 legal demands were made by world governments, pushing for the deletion of 196,878 accounts in just a six-month period. The data was revealed in a new dataset seen by Reuters.

It’s the biggest number of accounts ever targeted by governments in a single reporting period since Twitter began releasing the data annually in 2012.

Some governments were more likely to request accounts deletions, too. Some 95% of demands came from five countries. The top two culprits were Japan and Russia, followed by Turkey, India, and South Korea.

So, did the platform follow through on those demands? Partially. In many instances the accounts are deleted, while in other cases the accounts and content posted by those accounts are withheld in certain countries. Some content and users, for instance, won’t be available in Russia but can be seen by users in other parts of the world.

Sinead McSweeney, the vice president of global public policy at Twitter, said that the company is facing “unprecedented challenges as governments around the world increasingly attempt to intervene and remove content.”

It’s hard for many to believe that Twitter cares all that much, however, when the company regularly engages in the targeted censorship of conservatives and non-woke academics.