Twitter DIDN’T Fact Check THESE Lies Told By Joe Biden

( Social media giant is under increasing pressure to relax new policies that resulted in President Donald Trump’s accurate claim that vote-by-mail increases the possibility of voter fraud being labeled inaccurate by the social network. Twitter attributed a “fact check” label on the president’s tweets, encouraging readers to “get the facts” about vote-by-mail and voter fraud, directing people to a page that claims the president was lying.

However, Breitbart News reports how the network has failed to point out at least eight lies told by presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The conservative news site noted how Twitter’s efforts are different to Facebook which, while biased, uses “third-party fact checkers” which are all left leaning (or far left). Twitter just uses its own platform and publishes information contrary to what the president says, even when he’s telling the truth.

One of the lies told by Biden that wasn’t fact checked by Twitter was the claim that the Democrats called for lockdowns to be implemented, as a result of the Wuhan virus, a week before Trump did. Biden repeatedly claimed that he called for a lockdown before Trump, but no record of him making this statement exists. Evidence does show, however, that Biden was very much opposed to the lockdown and was criticizing the president for his initial China travel ban.

Here’s another shocking one, too. On May 26, the same day that Twitter inaccurately labelled Trump’s tweets inaccurate, Biden tweeted the fake claim that President Trump doesn’t have a “comprehensive plan” for the economy and the virus.

“We are months into this crisis, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a comprehensive plan when it comes to COVID-019 or the economy,” he claimed. He then linked to a “detailed plan” that his tea wrote for him detailing what he would have done months ago.

But you know, it’s easy to say what you would have done in hindsight.

As for that plan, though, President Trump already released an incredibly detailed plan for reopening America. It’s published on the White House website, under the name “Opening Up America Again.”

Why didn’t Twitter flag that as a lie? It is.

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