Twitter CEO Gives $10 MILLION to “Antiracist Research” Center

( You know how Twitter always tries to say they’re not politically biased, and they’re not really silencing conservatives? Well, their company culture suggests otherwise…as do their donations. This week it was announced that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated some $10 million to an organization that claims to offer “antiracism research”…in one of the most open, fair, democratic, and tolerant countries on the planet.

Dorsey has signed a check over to the Center for Antiracist Research at the University of Boston which was launched by Ibram Kendi in June. The donation comes at a time when Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists continue physically assaulting innocent people in the streets, attempting to burn down police buildings, throwing explosives at federal buildings, and even blinding police officers with lasers.

All in the name of “antiracism” of course.

Kendi told the press that he is “elated” by the news, as you would be if the owner of one of the biggest social media networks on the planet gave you his endorsement and a check for millions of dollars.

“You want something, you work for something, you think something could be transformative – like a major gift to the center – but you never know when you’re going to receive it,” he said. “For Jack to commit to us and to trust us and invest in us, I’m still coming to grips with it.”

On Twitter, Kendi demonstrated his commitment to radical Marxist ideas that suggest society is systemically racist.

“Racism is a juggernaut. Racist policies + ideas are ubiquitous. We need juggernauts combating racism,” he said.

Hasn’t he heard that racial discrimination has been illegal since the 20th Century?

Dorsey announced the news on Twitter, too, saying the research will “inform and fuel much needed and overdue policy change.”

What policy change? Everybody already has equal rights! Is he talking about reparations? Special privileges for non-white people?

Some specifics would be nice!