Tweet About Protecting Children Gets Gamer Deplatformed

After gamer Nicolas Kolcheff (AKA Nickmercs) suggested in a tweet that the LGBT activists should “leave little children alone,” the developer of the popular video game Call of Duty removed his operator bundle from its store, the Daily Caller reported.

Kolcheff was responding to reports of violent scuffles that erupted outside of the Glendale Unified School District’s board meeting in California last Tuesday between parents protesting the school’s Pride month celebrations and counter-protesters organized by Antifa.

According to the Daily Signal, the parents were largely from the Hispanic and Armenian communities. The clashes resulted in the arrest of three people.

Earlier this month, after the board decided to incorporate “Pride” celebrations in Glendale schools during Pride month, dozens of parents yanked their kids out of school in protest, leaving some Glendale elementary schools with only 40 percent of its student body in class on June 2, the Daily Signal reported.

In response to the district’s decision, parents from the predominantly conservative Hispanic and Armenian communities planned to protest the district’s embrace of Pride Month at last Tuesday’s meeting board meeting.

Unsurprisingly, Antifa Southern California called for counter-protesters to show up to protest against the parents.

According to Fox 11 in Los Angeles, when the protest and counter-protest turned violent, the Glendale police announced over loudspeakers that the demonstration was “unlawful” and ordered the crowd to disperse.

In responding to news about the clashes, Kolcheff tweeted, “They should leave little children alone. That’s the real issue.”

Faced with angry blowback from other gamers who accused Kolcheff of being homophobic and transphobic, Call of Duty developer Activision removed Kolcheff’s operator skin from its store.

In a tweet on Thursday, Call of Duty said Nickmercs’ operator bundle was removed “due to recent events.” The tweet reaffirmed Activision’s commitment to “celebrating PRIDE.”