Tucker Carlson Says Joe Biden Wants War With Russia to Improve Poll Numbers

(PresidentialWire.com)- Newsweek is up in arms over something Tucker Carlson said at the end of his show on Monday night.

While wrapping up his Monday night broadcast, Carlson teased what he planned to cover on Tuesday’s show – namely the current crisis in Ukraine and the possibility that President Joe Biden might drag the US into war with Russia in a desperate attempt to improve his polling:

Why is it media outlets always set their hair on fire over a Tucker Carlson preview?

They did the same thing after seeing the trailer for his 3-part documentary “Patriot Purge.”

Newsweek reports that, upon seeing this 26-second clip, they contacted Fox News to get a “comment.” Good grief, you guys. Why not wait until Tucker’s Tuesday night program airs to get all huffy?

In his Tuesday night show, Tucker admitted that while it might seem farfetched or crazy, just because an action is destructive to American interests doesn’t mean the US government won’t blunder ahead and do it.

Tucker explained that there is nothing the US could gain from a military confrontation with Vladimir Putin, “but that doesn’t mean Joe Biden won’t do it.”

He argued that not only is Biden unpopular, he is also “incompetent” and “desperate.” What’s more, Tucker pointed out, Biden is a weak president. “He is a pawn of his staff,” Tucker explained.

And with Biden surrounded by people pushing the US toward a military response, we can’t rule out the possibility that a weak, unpopular Joe Biden might act.

Tucker pointed out that in Biden’s meeting with Putin Tuesday morning, the president told Putin that the US plans to control Ukraine no matter what. State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters that if Russia invades, the US and its allies “would be prepared to act resolutely.”

But the problem isn’t just with this administration, Tucker explained. The push for military intervention in Ukraine is bipartisan. He cited Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker who, in an interview on Fox News, said the US might need to send US troops to Ukraine and even consider the use of nuclear weapons.

He played a clip of Republican Senator Joni Ernst warning that Biden needs to tell Putin that the US will defend Ukraine and provide them assistance.

In short, unlike Newsweek’s portrayal, Tucker Carlson is warning that too many people in Washington will always push for war. And unlike former President Donald Trump, who resolutely stood up against the DC warmongers, Joe Biden is far too weak, incompetent, and unpopular to have the will to push back.

Watch Tucker’s Monologue HERE.