Tucker Carlson Says He Wants To Interview Vladimir Putin

(PresidentialWire.com)- Tucker Carlson, the most-watched man in cable television, has faced a barrage of criticism for daring to say that the American people don’t want another foreign war. Accused of supporting Russia or even colluding with Russia, Carlson has been slammed relentlessly by the left-wing press and even some Democratic legislators for opposing a possible war against the Russians in Ukraine.

On Monday, Carlson responded to those who have made such accusations against him, insisting that Ukraine isn’t a “vital ally” to the United States and that China is a greater threat than Russia.

“Ukraine is not even a democracy despite what Joe Biden endlessly claims,” Carlson said.

He added that Ukraine is a “corrupt eastern European autocracy” that has spent millions of dollars lobbying politicians in the United States and “made Joe Biden’s family rich.”

“Those are not Russian talking points,” he added, insisting that his claims are just…true.

“And because they are true, no one in the administration is willing to debate or rebut them, not for a second. Instead, they just call you a traitor,” he added.

Carlson also played a video of Democratic congressman for Rhode Island David Cicilline, who recently called Carlson’s comments “un-American” and “sickening.”

The fox News host rebutted Cicilline’s claim that Fox is pushing “propaganda” in favor of Russia, describing how the Democratic congressman was angry that Fox had sought an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin last year.

At the time, Carlson was slammed for “working” with Russia…which wasn’t true at all.

Carlson doubled down in this same episode, too, announcing that not only is his show still seeking an interview with Putin but that they had also reached out to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to come on the show and answer questions, too.

That’s one way of dealing with the left-wing mob. Don’t apologize – double down instead.

Watch the clip here.