Tucker Carlson Has Surgery, Still Manages To Do His Job

(PresidentialWire.com)- Tucker Carlson, the most viewed man in network television news, reportedly underwent emergency back surgery on Wednesday morning – and then came right back into the studio to film his evening show.

A spokesperson for Fox News said that Carlson had the surgery on Wednesday morning, but did the show that same evening.

“He thanks all those who tuned in and watched closely,” the spokesperson added.

No specifics about the emergency surgery were offered by the network, but “Vice” claimed that Carlson slept badly on Tuesday night because of pain he experienced following an incident that occurred on Monday. Again, we don’t have any specifics about the incident that occurred on Monday.

During the show he did that night, Carlson said that his experience going through the surgery and being given pain drugs to deal with his back pain had given him a new understanding of the opioid crisis facing the United States.

“That was one of the most intense experience of my life,” Carlson explained.

He described how he was given a large dose of Dilaudid, which is more powerful than morphine. He said that when he arrived at the hospital he had trouble breathing and that it scared him.

“Didn’t have any effect at all. And then all night, I lay there, the nurse finally upped my dosage of Dilaudid to the point where every eight minutes I hit it and it was like getting shot. Just like, bam, feel it hit me, and it didn’t touch the pain,” he added.

He added that the experience prompted him to commit to never taking opioids again and that the experience explained to him so much of what America sees in terms of opioid addiction.

After arriving on set to do his show on Wednesday, Tucker’s show was guest hosted by Jesse Watters the day afterward.