Tucker Carlson Asks Damning Question: Where Is Epstein’s Client List?

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited podcaster Bobby Capucci from “The Epstein Chronicles” onto the show to discuss why the Justice Department has never leaked any information about the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Tucker pointed out the frequent leaks coming from the DOJ in recent days and asked Capucci why he thinks nothing has ever leaked about Epstein, including his client list.

Capucci opined that Epstein’s operation was so widespread that what they would discover if they did a deep dive into it would “be almost earth-shattering.”

Capucci wondered why Epstein and Maxwell were spared RICO charges while similar defendants like R. Kelly were not. He suggested the Justice Department has gone easy on Epstein for decades. Even after he was initially accused in the mid-1990s, “nobody followed up on it.”

Carlson noted how quickly the media got their hands on text messages from Alex Jones, but when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein, the same media are “affirmatively protecting” him.

Capucci blasted the “legacy media” noting that it isn’t the New York Times that is “leading the charge to go after somebody like Prince Andrew.” Instead, it is tabloids like the UK Daily Mail.

Watch Tucker’s interview with Capucci HERE.