Tucker Carlson Asked By Newsmax Host To Stop Siding With Russia

(PresidentialWire.com)- “You’ve gone too far,” Newsmax show host Eric Bolling told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, urging him to quit generating fodder for Russian propaganda.
Bolling has chastised Carlson several times for his alleged backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his misinformation efforts to legitimize the invasion of Ukraine.
The Newsmax host feels Carlson continues to help peddle lies that Putin and his propagandists are using to indicate that some Americans do stand with Russia in this war. He wonders if that’s the side of history he wants to be on.
The left media seem to agree with Bolling. They believe Carlson has frequently advocated pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine propaganda, reporting that several segments of Carlson’s show have been translated for use as propaganda on Russia’s state-run television.
Bolling agreed with Carlson that most Americans don’t want to get any more engaged in Ukraine, but he wants to know if Carlson can make his points without seeming to be on Putin’s side.
On April 7th, Tucker Carlson posted a video on Gettr. The accompanying post explained that by using disinformation to manipulate American public opinion, the Biden Administration was helping the Ukrainian government. And the media thinks that is virtuous. He wondered if news organizations are eagerly promoting lies about a war in progress, who can we believe?
In the video, he claimed that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is more complicated than it looks and highly criticized the media for grossly misrepresenting what is going on.
He attacked the media and politicians for labeling Americans who do not want military involvement in Ukraine or a possible war with Russia as white supremacists and domestic extremists. He also criticized Russian President Putin for the invasion and atrocities in Ukraine and US President Joe Biden for mishandling America’s response.

It is unknown if Eric Bolling spoke to Tucker Carlson asking for comments before or responses after Bolling went on air with his criticisms.