Trump’s Security Team Given Orders Over Fruit Attacks, Report Finds

( Pie. To many, it’s a delectable dessert that rivals cake, and a slice of pumpkin, rhubarb, or pecan may even be eaten in the morning. Others enjoy lemon meringue. Apple pie is connected with America and patriotism.


For the former President, the pie can be, understandably, a threatening food.

Weeks after, we learned that Trump, rightfully, thinks tomatoes, pineapples, and bananas, in the hands of a crazed maniac, are “dangerous stuff.”  A psycho might have laced the fruits with acid or anthrax. Who knows?

His security team has been wisely instructed to use physical force to eliminate such threats.

Now we learn that the former president of the United States once feared being hit with a pie, which can also be altered to maim and blind, or perhaps even kill.

The Daily Beast says that during a four-hour deposition last month, Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen stated that his old boss often agonized over a 1998 event in which Bill Gates was struck with a pie in Belgium and thought the same thing would occur to him.

Even though that incident turned out to be benign, allowing someone to get that close could prove deadly.

Cohen said Trump told them if someone threw something at him and didn’t wind up in the hospital, they’d all be fired. Trump is correct. It would mean his security detail was not doing their job.

Cohen said, “It wasn’t just once.” It was regular.” He reminded security to keep their eyes open. If someone is close enough to throw a pie, it’s not taken seriously.

Cohen’s statements may be an attempt by an ex-employee to shame their former employer, but there is absolutely no shame in demanding that lunatics be free to throw things. How does one determine whether what is being thrown is “safe”?

Cohen’s testimony about Trump’s fear of pies and the order to his security team to hospitalize anyone carrying such a weapon is relevant because he was answering questions for a 2015 lawsuit brought by a group of activists who alleged the Trump Organization’s security chief, Schiller, attacked them outside Trump Tower. Cohen testified that Trump did not instruct Schiller to beat up protestors, as he claimed under oath.

The fact that the left feels that it’s ludicrous to be paranoid about having objects thrown at you when you are the President makes one wonder if they lament that his security detail would be so tight.