Trump’s Ex-CFO Will Testify Against Trump’s Company, Not Trump Himself

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( It was a stunning turn of events last week when Allen Weisselberg, who served as the CFO of the Trump Organization, reached a plea agreement on the 15 different charges that were levied against him.

As part of the agreement, Weisselberg pleaded guilty to the 15 felony counts of tax evasion. He also admitted that he didn’t pay taxes on income that totaled $1.7 million. He concealed benefits he received so that his accountant would report a lower total income for him.

His plea deal includes him waiving his right to appeal the case, as well as paying almost $2 million in back taxes, penalties and interest. The plea agreement includes a prison sentence of five months, and then five years on probation after that concludes.

The judge in the case, Juan Merchan, said that the sentencing for Weisselberg would ultimately be set after the trial for the Trump Organization concluded. That led many to believe that he would end up testifying against the company and possibly even former President Donald Trump.

But, David Lee Miller of Fox News doesn’t believe that’s going to happen. He was asked whether the plea deal would require Weisselberg to testify against Trump. His quick response was:

“In a word, ‘No.’ That is not going to happen.”

He further explained:

“Weisselberg is not going to be compelled to testify against former President Trump. This indictment only named Weisselberg and two corporate entities. It did not name President Trump.

“Those two entities, the Trump Organization and its affiliated Trump Payroll Corporation, are slated to go on trial in the fall. The plea deal struck today only requires Weisselberg to testify against the corporations, not against Mr. Trump. It also does not demand that he cooperate with prosecutors in other legal proceedings.”

In other words, Weisselberg’s deal is completely separate from any legal proceedings that may go forth against Trump himself, even in the same case against the Trump Organization. Prosecutors aren’t requiring him to testify in any future cases that might include the former CFO, either, which is certainly a win for Trump.

While the former president may have been worried when he initially found out that his one-time CFO decided to come to a plea agreement with prosecutors, it seems he can rest easy now.

Miller explained that Weisselberg’s agreement included him admitting to receiving compensation that was “off the books.” That included more than $1 million that paid for rent at his apartment and $200,000 for various leases.

It also included $360,000 he received to pay for his grandchildren’s school tuition and the price of two Mercedes cars.

While the sentencing agreement says he’ll spend five months in jail, he could spend roughly 100 days there if he behaves well. If at any time he ends up violating the terms of the plea agreement — including if he doesn’t testify truthfully — he could face up to 15 years in prison.