Trump’s Announcement Crowd Shows Us Who Really Supports Him

( On Tuesday night in Mar-a-Lago, President Trump formally declared his intention to run for office once more in 2024.

Trump submitted his FEC papers.

Anticipating his long-awaited announcement, Trump’s fans gathered outside on the bridge leading to Mar-a-Lago. They held signs of encouragement.

Trump was politically vulnerable when he made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, but Trump is fearless.

It’s been reported by the left that voters “soundly rejected” his preferred candidates in last week’s midterm elections. That is not true. 80% of his endorsements were victorious.

Squishy, malleable, easily bought Republicans have been uncharacteristically direct in attributing Trump’s performance to the party’s decline, and possible competitors are already publicly preparing to oppose Trump for the nomination.

Trump invited major party leaders to his launch ceremony retaking the spotlight and taking note of the Republicans that stand by him.

Most of the year was devoted to urging Trump to delay his announcement until after the midterm elections because he might inspire Democratic voters or be overshadowed by election news.

Trump made his announcement despite subsequent attempts to persuade him to postpone the announcement until after the runoff for the Georgia Senate seat next month.

The gala was held at the Mar-a-Lago property, where an FBI search order was executed three months before recovering records that were purported to be of the national security risk level. The DOJ has not announced that this has been the case.

Trump said he was declaring his campaign for president of the United States tonight to make America great and magnificent again.

Since Theodore Roosevelt and Grover Cleveland, respectively, Trump is the first former president to run for office again after losing reelection.

According to the president’s advisers, Trump’s candidacy also makes President Biden more likely to seek reelection, creating a replay of the 2020 campaign.

“Donald Trump failed America,” Biden tweeted on Tuesday night from his own account, seemingly unaware of how ineffectual his presidency is compared to his predecessor.