Trump Will Give THREE Speeches Slamming Biden’s DECADES of Failure

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( President Donald Trump is planning three speeches this week, all of which will focus on Joe Biden’s decades of failure as a politician. Unlike the president, who ran for office once and won the first time, Joe Biden has run for president several times and spent half a decade in political office. During this time, Biden has not solved (or come close to solving) many of the problems he claims still need to be fixed.

President Trump’s re-election campaign announced this week that he will give a speech in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, on Thursday. The speech will focus on a “half-century of Joe Biden failing America.”

If you’re eager to watch the speech, you’ll be able to see it on whatever news network is willing to accurately portray the president at 3:00 p.m. EST on Thursday. That means you should probably be tuning into Fox News or OANN. Tune in to CNN and you’ll probably just see the opening few minutes, and then an hour of left-wing commentators trying to decode what the president really means.

On Monday, the president spoke in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where he specifically focused on Bidens many failures on the economy – one of the most important issues in this election season. President Donald Trump has seen a huge upswing in support for his campaign after early polls suggested Biden with a substantial lead, and one of the biggest drivers in this change has been the president’s handling of the post-lockdown economy.

On Tuesday, President Trump is expected to speak in Yuma, Arizona, where he will look at Biden’s history on immigration and his many failures on border security.

The Trump campaign is also broadcasting regularly throughout the week, with members of the campaign coming on the show to talk about Biden’s history and his many failures in government.

Vice President Mike Pence will also be making some campaign stops, and is expected to discuss Biden’s failure as a lawmaker and as vice president to put American workers first. Pence will speak in Darien, Wisconsin, on Wednesday in the Tankcraft Corporation buildings.

In a statement, the Trump re-election campaign said that Democrats “won’t be honest about Biden at their convention, so we will be.”

The speeches will take place during the Democratic convention where Biden and his unlikeable VP pick, Kamala Harris, will formally be nominated by their party.

“Joe Biden will raise taxes by $4 trillion, give work permits to illegal aliens so they can compete for American jobs, and impose the job-killing Green New Deal on every person in this country,” the campaign added.

That doesn’t sound like something the people of, say, Pennsylvania, would be happy about…