Trump Wearing Golf Shoes After Unannounced Trip

( On Monday, former President Donald Trump was spotted at his golf club in northern Virginia and instantly the lunatics in the corporate media lost their minds.

Journalists and pundits began speculating over why Trump was seen holding a meeting on his golf course near Washington DC, suggesting that Trump, like a mobster, chose the golf course to avoid prying eyes and surveillance.

Yeah, really.

These people miss him so much.

Well, it turns out Trump’s supposed nefarious meeting had nothing to do with an attempt to subvert justice or overthrow “our Democracy.”

Nope. The meeting was to discuss renovations to his northern Virginia golf course in preparations for hosting a LIV Golf tournament next year.

The visit had been planned in advance and staffers at the course knew since last Friday the former president would be arriving.

The men spotted with Trump included Trump National General Manager Joe Roediger, Grounds Crew Director Brad Enie, and John Copeland, the founder and president of Superior Golf Concepts.

This is pretty funny considering the speculation that went on.

Watergate figure John Dean had quote-tweeted Kelly O’Donnell’s video Monday evening, suggesting that Trump’s golf course confab “is much like a mob meeting.” He pointed out the men wore golf shirts to ensure no wires were worn and said the reason they were all moving around was to prevent “electronic fixes.” Dean also surmised that the men stayed far out of camera range to prevent lip reading.

And all they were discussing were renovations to the golf course.

Honestly, this is what end-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome does to people.

Trump committed to hosting two LIV events this year, the one at Bedminster in July and another at Trump National Doral Miami next month. While the third event hasn’t been publicly confirmed, Trump said he plans to host another LIV tourney at his Virginia course in May of next year.