Trump Was Right: Warned Germany, EU About Relying on Nord Stream 2, Russian Fuel Years Ago

( Many countries are putting restrictions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was set to deliver oil directly from Russia to Germany.

Some countries such as the United States were slow to stop the project from happening, until they really had no choice once Russia invaded Ukraine and that has refused to step down.

But, at least one person was right about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline right from the beginning — former President Donald Trump.

While he was in the White House, Trump warned countries in Europe against relying too much on fuel from Russia. In fact, he even once called the Nord Stream 2 pipeline a “tragedy” for Germany, and predicted that it would eventually lead to “horrific” consequences in the future.

Now, those consequences are starting to become reality, as crude oil prices are soaring as Germany has announced they would not certify the pipeline — the last step needed to start delivery. Now, Germany’s energy future is very much in doubt, after it was set for quite a while.

Once Germany made the announcement that it would not move forward with certification, the Biden administration took action against the pipeline as well.

President Joe Bien re-instituted sanctions against the pipeline that Trump had initiated during his presidency. Those sanctions were dissolved in May 2021 by Biden, which gave Russia the green light to move forward with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline plan.

Trump seems like he was right all along. He initially warned against the dangers of the pipeline back in 2018. The pipeline stretches more than 700 miles, and was set to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany, where it would be used by their country and also sold to other countries in Europe.

In 2018, Trump met with leaders of Germany and other European nations to discuss the pipeline and his thoughts on it. At the time, he said of the pipeline plan:

“It is a tragedy. I think it is a horrific thing that’s being done when you’re feeding billions and billions of dollars from Germany primarily … into the coffers of Russia.”

He said there would be “horrible” consequences from a geopolitical standpoint because of Europe’s overreliance on fuel from Russia. He even said that Germany was in fact aiding Russia as they looked to increase their power as well as their sphere of influence over the world, putting NATO countries in jeopardy as a result.

Trump commented back then:

“I think it’s a horrible thing that Germany’s doing. It’s a horrible mistake. How can you be working for peace and working from strength when somebody has that kind of power over you?

“You’ve given up all of your strength. I think it’s very bad for Germany. It’s very bad for the German people. And I don’t think it’s very good for NATO, if you want to know the truth.”

Now, four years later, it looks like Trump was right while everyone else was wrong.