Trump To Stay Neutral In Alabama Election, Report Says

( Former President Donald Trump will reportedly stay neutral in the upcoming Alabama Republican Primary for the 2022 Senate race, according to Newsmax. Sources close to the president claim that Trump has chosen not to endorse one candidate over the other as both of the main candidates are fierce supporters of the former president.

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, who has served six terms in Congress already, will go head-to-head with former United States Ambassador to Slovenia, Lynda Blanchard, to replace retiring Senator Richard Shelby.

Rep. Brooks’ entry into the Senate primary race was big news. As one of the fiercest supporters of former President Donald Trump, his entry threatened further takeover of the Republican Party by Make America Great Again supporters – a frightening thought for establishment Republicans and Democrats alike.

“American simply not afford senators who cower in their foxholes when the political battles are being fought,” Brooks told several hundred supporters who attended a recent speech in Huntsville this month. “I am a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, not the GOP surrender caucus. And as President Trump can vouch, I don’t cut and run. I stand strong when the going gets tough.”

He was joined by Trump loyalist and adviser Stephen Miller at the launch, indicating his proximity to the former president but falling short of an endorsement.

Speaking to Newsmax on Tuesday, Perry Hooper Jr., another leading figure in Alabama’s Trump-supporting Republican Party, said that he would be remaining neutral on the race also.

“Mo has been a friend for more than fifteen years, back to when we served in the State House together. He’s the real deal, and he was a big help to the president,” he said.

“My friend Lynda Blanchard is also a solid conservative and Trump supporter,” he added. “She was among the earliest on the ‘Trump Train,’ she and her husband John have a very successful business here.”

He also said that Lynda served President Trump well as an ambassador to First Lady Melania Trump’s home country.

The two Trump supporters will also compete against Katie Boyd Britt, a top aide of the retiring Senator.