Trump Slams Biden For Excess Vacation Time

Donald Trump lashed out at President Biden, saying he takes too many vacations and does very little work. Speaking to Breitbart News, Trump said that when he was President, even his vacations involved work, and when he was at home at his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate, he would invite world leaders to join him there. “Even if I’m playing golf, I’m always playing golf with somebody who is important like heads of countries, senators, et cetera. But it’s all work,” he said. Trump described Mar-a-Lago as “the Southern White House.”

Biden spent the holidays in the US Virgin Islands, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) tweeted clips of him arriving, noting that he has spent 39% of his Presidency on vacation. The RNC claimed Biden has been on vacation for 427 days since he entered the White House in 2021. Twitter users were as unimpressed as Donald Trump, and some stated that the President can take so many vacations because he does not actually lead the government. “That’s because he isn’t running the country, Obama is. So he can take as much time off as he wants,” one person wrote.

The New York Post recently described Biden’s many vacations in detail and claimed he spent 138 days relaxing away from work in 2023 alone. Delaware is his favorite spot, the Post notes, and he spent 90 days there last year. The President was at Camp David in Maryland for 26 days, and spent 22 days in either St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, Lake Tahoe, or Nantucket.

Democrats refute the claim that Biden takes too much time off and insist that he works wherever he is. Deputy White House Press Secretary Olivia Dalton denied the New York Post’s claims and stated that Biden only took 16 days off in 2023, and “even on those days, he has worked.” She added that Republicans routinely depart from Washington “without doing their job to fund the government or our national security priorities.”