Trump Slams Anti-Insurrection Democrats As Losers

Donald Trump last week blasted Democrat lawmakers for proposing legislation to disqualify anyone who engaged in insurrection from seeking political office, The Hill reported.

In an appearance on CNN’s “Inside Politics” following the Supreme Court’s March 4 unanimous decision to overturn the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that disqualified Trump from appearing on the state’s primary ballot, Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin revealed to host Dana Bash that he was working with Democrat Reps. Eric Swalwell and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on legislation to help clarify whether someone running for office violated Section Three of the 14th Amendment.

Rankin argued that the House already impeached Trump for inciting the January 6 insurrection and pointed out that 57 senators voted to convict him. He criticized the Supreme Court for refusing to address Section Three directly, which Rankin said was designed to keep officials who already proved “disloyal and untrustworthy” from running for office again.

The following day, Trump appeared on “Fox & Friends” where he complained about Rankin’s interview and described the Democrats working on the measure as “losers.”

Trump suggested that the Democrat lawmakers should spend their time and effort on making the country great rather than wasting their time on such legislation.

The former president noted that the same Democrats that had been targeting him for years were behind the latest effort, adding that they care more about their “sick” movement than they do about the country.

In its decision, the Supreme Court said that under the Constitution, state courts could not unilaterally disqualify someone from seeking national office.

Trump told “Fox & Friends” hosts Brian Kilmeade and Lawrence Jones that he was focused on winning the election in November, saying voters had to defeat Joe Biden, whom he described as the worst commander-in-chief and president in history.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on March 4, Trump’s legal spokeswoman, civil attorney Alina Habba, suggested that voters should ignore Rankin’s proposal, which she described as “noise.”