Trump Shares Article Claiming Melania Did Christmas Better Than Jill Biden

( The left lost its collective mind when Former President Donald Trump shared an article that implied Melania Trump did a better job decorating the White House for Christmas than the current first lady, Jill Biden.

I’ll spare you their resting b*tch face commentary and just give you the basics.

A far-left report whined that Trump put the opinion piece on his social media site, Truth Social.

Writer Mike Landry from the conservative website, The Western Journal posted the article on Christmas Day.

The piece was called “Flashback to When Things Were Better: Melania Trump’s WH Christmas Decorations Over the Years.” It compared how Melania Trump and Jill Biden decorated the White House for Christmas. In the article, Landry said Biden’s wife didn’t do as Melania did during the Trump administration.

Landry wrote that it wasn’t meant to be political or too harsh on how Joe Biden’s wife decorates, and he didn’t claim he knew anything about decorating or interior design.  He just knows beauty when he sees it, and Melania Trump gave the people’s White House a touch of glitz and great taste for the holidays while she was there.

In 2017, Mrs.Trump went for an all-white Christmas theme, which included big branches lit up with white lights in the White House hallways. The following year, she put a row of red topiary trees along the East Colonnade of the White House.

Reports show Donald Trump has said that the media were petty in talking about these Christmas displays.

In a speech in November 2016 at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Trump complimented Melania by saying she made the most beautiful Christmas decorations.

Trump said he remembered that she brought out beautiful red trees, and the media thought they were terrible.  He joked that he told her to try white next time. He said she brought out beautiful white trees the following year, and they mocked those, too.  When she went with traditional green trees, they complained about them as well.

The activist left is a miserable drag.