Trump Says Biden Is ANYTHING the Extreme Left “Tell Him To Be”

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( If you’re wondering if you’re the only one who can’t really understand precisely what Joe Biden believes, you’re not. The whole nation has watched in confusion as this once-moderate Democrat candidate, who just over ten years ago was opposed to gay marriage, became the most radical, progressive, and left-wing candidate in the history of American presidential elections.

President Donald Trump has picked up very clearly on this confusion, to, and said on Wednesday that the former vice president simply does whatever the extreme left tells him to do.

“Joe Biden’s whatever they tell him to be,” the president said, suggesting that Biden is not fully in control of his own presidential campaign.

That’s not exactly hard to believe when the man can barely even finish a sentence, let alone put together a policy platform.

During a Fox & Friends interview on Wednesday morning, President Trump spoke in detail about Joe Biden. He reacted to an interview with Jill Biden, the former vice president’s wife, who said that her husband would be a “moderate” president…which is interesting, given he’s already adopted the extremist Green New Deal as part of his platform.

“It’s good that a wife is…I would expect a wife to say that that’s an appropriate thing to say,” President Trump said.

In response to Biden’s recent capitulations to the far left, including the adoption of various policy platforms advocated by failed presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump said Biden is being dragged to the extreme fringe of left-wing politics.

“Joe is being taken so far left. Look at the manifesto that he and Bernie agreed to. That’s further left than Bernie ever was,” the president said.

Trump also warned that if Biden wins in November, which the polls suggests he will and common sense suggests he won’t, then it would destroy the American economy.

“Joe will drive the market into a depression, and the biggest thing holding back our stock market is the possibility that Biden gets election, because if he gets elected ur stock market will crash.”

Just think of that. How much more quickly could the United States be rebuilding if the horrifying prospect of President Joe Biden wasn’t on the horizon? The stock market would be soaring!