Trump Releases Statement Declaring “2024”

( Remember when the media went crazy earlier this month amid rumors that former President Donald Trump was discussing the possibility of being reinstated as President of the United States once election fraud was proven to have occurred in battleground states like Arizona?

Well, they’re about to go crazy all over again, because the former president has now suggested it publicly.

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump issued a statement responding to false claims by the Daily Beast – a far-left “news” outlet – that he tried to use the Department of Justice to go after late-night TV show “Saturday Night Live.”

He dismissed the false reporting as “total fake news” and then threw in a suggestion that he might be back in the White House sooner than people think.

In the statement, which you can see in the tweet above, the former president suggested that Saturday Night Live’s ratings were dropping now that Trump is out of the White House and they can’t use his fame to generate viewers. He added that the report from the Daily Beast was “fabricated” and that there were no sources to support their claims.

He also threw in a dig at Alec Baldwin, the so-called “comedian” who made a living for several years impersonating former President Trump.

The former president also added that, with all that being said, he does believe that the work done by shows like Saturday Night Live should be considered illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic Party.

Good point, right? If the media uses its power and influence to smear one side of the political aisle more than the other, then doesn’t that mean they are using money to influence the results of an election?

…doesn’t that make it a campaign contribution?

Trump then reminded readers that he won 75 million votes – more than any other sitting president – and ended the statement with “2024 or before!”

Oh boy. The media are going to have a field day with this…and they’re going to get even madder once the results of the Arizona forensic audit are released…