Trump Rages’ You’re Fired’ At Biden

Former President Donald Trump has recently released several videos addressing his supporters, launching attacks on President Joe Biden, and resurrecting his famous reality show slogan. Despite his successful run in the Republican primary, Trump faced his first defeat when former Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley won DC with an impressive 63 percent of the vote, leaving Trump with just 33 percent.

However, the coming weeks will be the real test for Trump as a March 5 Super Tuesday, and a 4-state primary on March 12, approaches, and other essential contests such as the North Dakota caucus. To rally his supporters and secure convincing victories, Trump took to Truth Social, releasing several videos to reignite their passion and counter Haley’s challenge.

In his most recent video, directed at North Dakota voters, Trump passionately expressed his concerns about the economy, immigration, transgender individuals, and President Biden. He emphasized the importance of sending a message to Biden that the United States belongs to its citizens and that, together with Trump, they can make the country more significant than ever before. Trump urged voters to use their vote as a tool to terminate Biden’s presidency, stating that the upcoming election is the most critical in American history, with the nation currently being destroyed under Biden’s leadership.

Trump criticized Biden’s handling of the economy, referring to it as an inflation disaster wrecking the nation. He also voiced his concerns about the border being overrun and the erosion of American values. Trump emphasized his commitment to fighting for American workers and farmers, promising to tackle inflation, reduce taxes and regulations, support miners, and unleash American energy and liberty.

The former president also stressed the need to secure the border, uphold American values, reclaim freedom, and restore peace through strength. Trump highlighted the decline of the United States on the world stage and vowed to end it. He expressed his gratitude to his supporters and sought their votes, stating that together, they can defeat “Crooked Joe Biden” and restore greatness to America.

In addition to his video aimed at North Dakota voters, Trump released other videos targeting Idaho voters and urging them to vote early on Super Tuesday. Despite his previous criticism of early voting, Trump emphasized its importance in these videos. He also posted a video ahead of the four-state primary day on March 12, requesting a decisive victory from voters.

As Trump heads into Super Tuesday, he currently holds a significant delegate lead of 244 to 43 over Haley. However, Haley can potentially disrupt Trump’s media momentum by surpassing expectations and accumulating delegates.