Trump Promises Deportations For Pro-Hamas Illegals

During an electrifying event in Florida, ex-president Donald Trump pledged to a zealous audience that he would expel terrorists and their sympathizers, stating, “If you detest America, if you aim to dismantle Israel, if you align with jihadists, we don’t want you on our soil.”

Trump’s discourse at the rally was broad, touching on everything from inflation to foreign policy to Biden’s so-called “police state.” However, the crowd was especially stirred by his remarks addressing the perils posed by porous borders and the unnerving mindset of pro-Hamas demonstrators. The vile acts of violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians last month sparked global outrage, leading to a rise in pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic protests, and violence, even within American borders.

The former president argued that the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel would not have occurred under his watch. He also criticized those backing a jihad against Israel on American soil. Trump decried, “We’ve never seen anything like the intimidating throngs of Hamas supporters chanting jihadist slogans in our cities’ streets, as we saw in America last weekend.”

Trump further condemned the pro-jihadist demonstrators, who scaled the fence of the White House, causing damage to the fence, police vehicles, and statues of American heroes like Benjamin Franklin. He pointed out the discrepancy in the media’s response to these actions compared to their vilification of the peaceful protesters on January 6th.

Trump continued his critique, stating, “We are in a time where we can’t afford a president who prefers to remain politically correct.” He named and criticized Congresswomen with strong anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist views and questioned the administration’s decision to seek foreign policy advice from them.

Trump, widely recognized as the most pro-Israel U.S. president, achieved numerous successes during his term, including the landmark Abraham Accords and the relocation of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. This political position has not been lost on Palestinian terrorists, as evidenced by a large graffiti mural mocking Trump in Palestinian-controlled territory in Israel.

In his speech, Trump promised to reinstate his travel ban on countries known for terrorism and implement rigorous vetting and ideological screening for all newcomers to America. He stated that his administration was pro-immigration but only supported legal immigration. He highlighted the worrying increase of terrorists and potential terrorists entering America illegally, including the potential risk of Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorists.

Trump reiterated his stance, “If you despise America if you seek to erase Israel, if you side with jihadists, we don’t want you in our nation.” He issued a stern warning to resident aliens involved in violent pro-jihadist protests, declaring, “We put you on notice; come 2025, we will find you, and we will deport you.”

Apart from this, Trump also criticized the Biden administration’s targeting of Christians, particularly Catholics, in its new “police state.” He alleged that the FBI was infiltrating Catholic churches with spies.