Trump May Have Undervalued Assets, Be Worth Much More

( Fox News reported last week that sources familiar with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office investigation into the Trump Organization said DA Alvin Bragg shut it down because the evidence showed Trump did not inflate his financial statements as prosecutors alleged.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office was investigating allegations that Donald Trump manipulated the financial statements of the Trump Organization to secure loans. However, District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided to drop the case saying the DA’s office would not be able to prove the charges.

In response to Bragg dropping the investigation, two prosecutors, Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne resigned in protest, arguing that they had the evidence to prove Trump was “guilty of numerous felony violations.”

But the source who spoke to Fox News said Trump’s “Statement of Financial Condition” which reports a company’s assets, liabilities, and ability to raise and use funds reveals that counter to the prosecutors’ claim, Trump undervalued, not inflated, his assets. What’s more, the Trump Organization never defaulted on any of the loans it secured.

Another source familiar with the DA’s investigation told Fox that the case against Trump was fueled by his political enemies. The source also blasted former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz saying he never should have been in the DA’s office to begin with.

Before joining the Manhattan District Attorney’s office last year, Pomerantz worked for the New York law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. He took a leave of absence from the firm expressly to join the DA’s investigation into Donald Trump.

While many close to the investigation have suggested it has been closed, a spokesperson for District Attorney Bragg told Fox News that the probe continues. The spokesperson said the DA’s office has a “team of experienced prosecutors” who are continuing to “follow the facts and the law.”

Former US Attorney Andy McCarthy explained to Fox whether the case is “open” or “closed” is irrelevant. McCarthy said there are “many cases” in prosecutors’ offices that remain open but are not being actively investigated and no grand jury is collecting new evidence.